June Vollans has been capturing audiences with her stories since she was a young girl. When she wanted to tell her friends a story, she would stand on the doorstep and announce “I had a dream last night…” Neighbour children would settle around her as she began another amazing tale.

"I was born a Holmberg, oldest daughter of Ruth and Kermitte, descendant of Nelsons, Knudsens, Olsons and Holmbergs. I am the second oldest child of seven. I grew up with a constantly-changing variety of dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and other pets and animals, so yes, I am basically a "tree hugger". My father, before he walked out on his family, moved us frequently. I kept that “gypsy” outlook after I became an adult, moving more than forty times over the years of my adult life… from home to home and town to town, making friends, working, and telling my tales. I wrote my first story down when I was still in high school and, although I don’t have a copy of that first book, I do have copies of many of my first works. Some aren’t bad… others are simply awful… but each has taught me something about crafting a good story. Eventually I think I'll re-do them all as well as the other narratives I have started, perfecting the stories and characters, and publishing each and every one of them.

In mid-2010 I finally met my soul-mate, Gary, who has since become my life-partner. It only took me 60 years! We are retired from the everyday grind of a “job”.  Combining my gypsy soul and Gary’s  truck driving lifestyle, we now live in a motorhome and travel where the wind takes us. Together with our two dogs (Niki and Swiffer), we enjoy gold panning. Although the dogs haven’t quite mastered the pan yet, Niki does enjoy bringing rocks to us for inspection. We call her our “rock hound”. We often find ourselves parked near a creek or river in the middle of nowhere. Since we met, Gary has helped to give me the confidence to take my story-telling to the next level… publishing. We maintain a post box in Alberta, Canada and tend to return there every three months or so to pick up mail and visit with friends and family."